Hello this is my website. You're very welcome.  

You might have seen me do stand up comedy on tour in the UK, USA Australia or New Zealand or on telly. My 2017 Edinburgh festival show "The One and Only Chris Martin"  just got nominated for "Best Comedy Show" at the Amused Moose Comedy Awards. I've recently been on Live at the Comedy Store (Comedy Central), Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, and done some acting in ITV's Horrible Science. I do shows at most venues, so you can look on here to see when I'm doing shows near where you live. I also do two really fun podcasts with my friend Carl and one with our weird Australian Uncle Trevor which you can listen to anywhere in the world (probably excluding N Korea). 

My manager has more details about stuff I've done.

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Here is a podcast I do with my friend Carl Donnelly. It would swell if you subscribed to it. 

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